Nothing gets to the heart of whether a service business is accomplishing its goals better than the words of its clients. Here are just a few notes we have received from clients.

“When my company decided to pursue a development opportunity across the border I immediately called Reese Henry & Company. Their team developed a strategy that maximized every possible tax opportunity. And they did it within a week!”
International Investor

“I have been involved in residential development in the Valley for several years. As my company grew, the need for advice grew with it. My old CPA didn’t seem to be able to keep up. After discussing my situation with Reese Henry & Company I decided to work with them. I have never been so happy with the service I received.”
Carbondale Real Estate Developer

“Despite being a small not-for-profit organization that has to work for every donation, Reese Henry & Company agreed to help us with our tax returns and financial statements. Despite our size and relative lack of sophistication, they always treated us as if we were their only client. They’re the best!”
Snowmass Not-for-Profit Organization

“We’ve been with Reese Henry & Company since the early days. The great thing is, they’re still our accountants after all these years. When I have a question or a problem, they already know the background. I wouldn’t know where to turn without them.”
East Coast Resident

“The group at Reese Henry & Company is great. They know me and they know my business – the retail business. I mean they KNOW my business - everything. They’re always there for me. The neat thing is that my friends who also work with them say the same thing!”
Aspen Business Owner

“I’ve worked with Reese Henry & Company for so long I don’t know when it began. But, what I do know is that we would never have realized the success that we have without them. Their guidance has led us to so many wonderful opportunities, well, it just would not be the same.”
West Coast Entrepreneur